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HDA carpenters have completed over 1,000 home repairs throughout our area. In the counties we serve in East Kentucky (Breathitt, Knott, Leslie, and Perry), many houses are aging, in need of updated sources of heating and cooling, and/or are not safe and accessible for those who live there. We remedy those problems by making home repairs and home rehabilitations at an affordable price for the homeowner. 

Many of the homeowners we’ve helped are elderly, disabled, live alone, and/or are Veterans. Our program helps income-eligible low-income homeowners get the home repairs they need – repairs that would be difficult for them to make physically or afford without our assistance. While improving the home’s quality, our repairs also allow the homeowner(s) to continue living independently in their own home. 

If you qualify for our program ...

We help you get the money to finance the repairs, and then, our carpenters do the work!

What To Expect

After submitting the online Get Started and/or the Home Repair Intake form, please be patient as our Home Repair Program staff evaluates your application and prepares to contact you.

Types of Repairs

Inside or outside, our carpenters may be able to make the improvements your home needs. It doesn’t matter whether your home is a stick-built house or a trailer home – our crews make repairs for any low-income homeowner who qualifies for our program. Whether you’re looking to grow old comfortably in your home or make it a better, healthier space for you and your family, HDA is here to make the home repairs you need at a cost that’s affordable for you!


Home Rehabs

Our crews perform home rehabilitations on houses that require two or more major projects, involving repairs such as roof replacement, bathroom replacement, and installing new doors and windows. 


Critical Repairs

We improve homes by replacing roofs, installing new flooring and siding, replacing windows and doors, repairing/adding porches and steps, making plumbing repairs, and making energy efficient upgrades.


Accessibility Repairs

HDA carpenters make your home safer and more secure by building wheelchair ramps, porches, widening doorways, installing grab bars, and modifying kitchens and bathrooms.

How to Qualify

Our program uses funds from many sources, each having its own set of guidelines and requirements. Most of our clients receive a combination of loans and grants to finance the repairs on their home.

Our Basic Requirement

The home must be owner-occupied. That means we can’t help people repair a home to move into or help set up a mobile home. The home must be yours, and you must live in it.

Other Requirements:


We calculate your annual income to see which of our funding sources you may be income-eligible for. There is no bottom income limit, but each program has a top income limit based on family size. These limits increase periodically. We are currently piloting an "open market" repair program for households that fall above the guidelines for all of our "income-based" programs.

The Housing Development Alliance administers a variety of repair programs, each with different income eligibility requirements.

Each household will need to have some income that can be verified. (Income could be as low as $256 per month, or even lower – it just has to be verified that it is being received.)

The least restrictive program we regularly use has these maximum limits based on gross monthly income:

  • 1 to 4 Person Household – $3,291 per month
  • 5 to 8 Person Household – $4,375 per month
  • Both programs can lend up to $7,500 before a mortgage is required.

Along with income requirements, there are additional eligibility requirements for HDA’s Home Repair Program. Also, some of our programs even offer deductions that can help you become eligible! If you are close to an income limit, please contact us to discuss these deductions.


Some of our programs look at how much money a household is already paying in other lines of credit. *This is only for loan options. This is done mainly to protect the client from future financial stress.


Each loan source has its own requirements. None of them require "perfect" credit, but may require the client to pay collections or charge-offs prior to application. We work with Redbud Financial Alternatives to provide financial counseling and other products to help clients get eligible. It often takes both loans and grants to complete all of the repairs.

Scope of Work

Each program has different requirements on what sort of repairs they will fund. Some programs will only fund emergency or accessibility repairs. Also, a few programs require that the home must be brought up to a certain standard in order for any work to be done.

See The Difference Our Work Makes

Homer's House: Before & After Porch Repair
Ena's House: Before & After Bedroom Flooring Repair

Don's House Before & After Repairs

Wilma's House Before & After Repairs


Questions? Contact:

Linda Hall, Home Repair Specialist
Office: 606-436-0497

Need Help Applying? Contact:

Michael Cassell, Intake Specialist
Office: 606-436-0497

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