Above: Undeveloped land at Chestnut Ridge. HDA will begin building homes on the property later this year.

HDA Accepting Buyer Inquiries for Chestnut Ridge

Flood Survivors Encouraged to Apply for Homeownership Program

HAZARD, Ky. (April 4, 2024) – Chestnut Ridge, part of a new high-ground community to be built near the Knott County Sportsplex, is set to begin site development this spring, with home construction anticipated to begin in the fall.

The project, which is on over 100 acres of land above the floodplain, includes the development of single-family residential lots. Homes in the new community will be built by various affordable housing builders, including the Housing Development Alliance (HDA), HOMES Inc., Samaritan’s Purse, and Appalachia Service Project (ASP).

HDA recently received its lot assignments and is encouraging flood survivors from Knott and surrounding counties to apply to own one of the new homes.

“This is a great opportunity for local individuals and families who have been displaced by the 2022 floods to get back on their feet,” said Julia Stanganelli, HDA’s Flood Recovery Coordinator.

“Even now, 20 months after the floods, survivors are still living in tiny campers, doubled up with family, living in their cars, or have left the region entirely,” she continued. “Chestnut Ridge provides a beautiful setting for new homes Eastern Kentucky families can afford, on land that will not flood and where they can comfortably and safely build a future.”

The construction of subdivisions, like Chestnut Ridge, also presents an opportunity for those who have moved out of the region to return.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s Vintage 2023 estimates of population and components of change released March 14, 8 Eastern Kentucky counties were in the top 10 for population losses in the state. Those counties include Floyd, Breathitt, Letcher, and Perry, which were all hard hit by the 2022 record-breaking flash flood event.

Collectively, these counties lost over 1,500 residents.

“Population loss since the floods was expected but is still very worrying,” said HDA Executive Director Scott McReynolds. “The economy in our rural community is already struggling, so to lose more people only makes the situation worse. To build the brighter future we know is possible in Eastern Kentucky we have to have a solid tax base – and that takes people.”

Local leaders are hopeful subdivisions like Chestnut Ridge will lead to a growing population and further economic development in the region.

HDA Flood Recovery Coordinator Julia Stanganelli speaks to reporter Justin Hicks from The Kentucky Lantern at Chestnut Ridge.

With construction set to begin this year, the Housing Development Alliance (HDA) is inviting flood survivors to inquire about its Homeownership Program.

Making an inquiry is the first step on the journey towards owning a new home, and HDA officials said this is an opportune time for folks interested in living in Chestnut Ridge to apply.

“Flood survivors in need of a new home should absolutely take advantage of this,” McReynolds said. “Our funders and donors have made these homes affordable for low-income, flood-surviving households, and with the homes being so close to Hindman, Prestonsburg, and Hazard, it’s an excellent investment for these folks to make.”

The lots in Chestnut Ridge offer a prime location in what will be a well-built, safe, and resilient neighborhood that is close to businesses, schools, shopping centers, and more. Constructed homes will be near the Sportsplex, which offers several recreational opportunities and activities. Qualifying homebuyers will work closely with HDA by selecting a floor plan, paint colors, flooring, light fixtures, and more for their new home.

Flood-surviving individuals and families interested in having a home built in Chestnut Ridge:

HDA Is Still Taking Inquiries!

Those who haven’t already contacted HDA should email julia@tbc007.net or call 606-436-0497.

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